10 Best Vegan Crackers to Choose From (2023)

July 8, 2022


Crackers are an excellent salty and crunchy snack that folks love to enjoy.

However, not all crackers are suitable for vegans.

Animal and animal by-products like milk make many popular cracker brands non-vegan friendly.

This list contains the 10 best vegan crackers to choose from when seeking healthy alternatives.

These crackers are crunchy, firm, and tasty.

What are the Best Vegan Crackers to Choose From?

Table of Contents

  • Simple Mills Almond Flour Crackers
  • Back to Nature Plant-based Crackers
  • Dare Breton Gluten-Free Crackers
  • Blue Diamond Nut-Thin Crackers
  • Triscuit Thin Wheat Whole Grain Wheat Crackers
  • Wheat Thin Original Whole Grain Crackers
  • 365 by Whole Food Market Crackers
  • Mary’s Gone Super Seed Crackers
  • Doctor in the Kitchen Organic Crackers
  • Crunchmaster Gluten-Free Crackers

1. Simple Mills Almond Flour Crackers


Simple Mills Almond Flour Crackers tick every box when looking for a healthy snack to enjoy.

These crackers contain rosemary and sea salt, and the packaging is in the form of a box.

They suit folks who want to enjoy healthy diets such as paleo, kosher or vegan.

After placing an order, you receive 3 boxes of these vegan crackers.


  • These are herbaceous crackers whose flavoring includes fresh rosemary. They add this strong and delicious flavor when you want to put out a spread with vegan dip.
  • The vegan crackers contain healthy ingredients. These are made using almond, flax, sunflower seed flour, cassava, sunflower oil, tapioca, organic onion, rosemary, garlic, pepper, sea salt, and rosemary extract.
  • Simple Mills Crackers are made in the USA and Canada. The manufacturer adheres to US manufacturing standards when it comes to food handling and packaging.
  • This is a shelf-stable snack that can last in the pantry. It contains no artificial flavorings or additives.
  • Simple Mills crackers are vegan-friendly. These certified healthy foods are gluten-free, grain-free, non-GMO, corn-free, paleo-friendly, and plant-based.
  • Each cracker serving contains 3 grams of protein. They are also a good Vitamin E source.
  • Vegan crackers are baked, not deep-fried.


Amazon sells 3 packs of Simple Mills Almond Crackers for $12.77.

That translates to $1.05 per ounce.

There’s also the option of buying 6 packs of vegan crackers for $25.68. 1 pack retails for $9.73 on Amazon.

Bottom Line

These vegan crackers are a healthy alternative for folks looking for a light snack.

They contain wholesome almond blend flour and organic sunflower oil with high levels of oleic acid.

The crackers are perfect for the paleo diet and have a refreshing rosemary taste.

2. Back to Nature Plant-Based Crackers


Back to Nature Plant-based crackers are made using stone-ground healthy flour.

The main ingredients are brown rice flour and organic sunflower oil.

The result is a crunchy, refreshing snack that you can pair with your favorite vegan topping or dip.


  • These multi-thin flavorful crackers contain black sesame, flax seeds, and poppy. The hearty mix makes satisfying crackers.
  • The crackers have an earthy texture and a balanced taste. They don’t contain any high fructose or hydrogenated oils.
  • These are vegan-friendly, gluten-free crackers. They don’t contain any additives, preservatives, or artificial coloring.
  • Folks with abalone allergies get to enjoy the abalone-free non-GMO crackers. The main ingredients are brown rice flour, sesame seeds, flax seeds, potato starch, sea salt, poppy seeds, organic sunflower oil, and sea salt.
  • These are nutritionist-approved plant-based crackers. These are soy-free healthy crackers.


The Back to Nature Plant-based crackers come in a 4 0z or 113 g box.

One pack costs $6.30 or $1.73 per ounce on Amazon.

Bottom Line

These healthy crackers are perfect for folks on a strict diet.

These are non-GMO plant-based crackers that don’t contain gluten or soy.

But, note that the manufacturer processes the crackers on the same equipment as dairy milk and nuts.

These are kosher crackers with a whole grain council certification.

3. Dare Breton Gluten Free Crackers


Dare Breton Gluten Free Crackers contain natural herb and garlic flavoring.

You can prepare healthy snacks with vegan toppings and come in a box.

The crackers are free of trans fats and cholesterol per serving but contain soya.


  • These are healthy ready-to-eat crackers that are gluten-free certified. The certification is from the Canadian Celiac Association’s Gluten-Free Certification Program.
  • The crackers contain no cholesterol or trans fats. These are also free of artificial flavorings and colors. Also, these are kosher dairy OU-D and peanut-free.
  • The main ingredients include corn starch, sesame seeds, arrowroot starch, soy lecithin, coconut oil, canola oil, whey, Xanthium gum, green lentil flour, herbs, and rice bran.
  • These are crispy crackers that have a natural herbal taste. They pair well with healthy cheeses and toppings thanks to the garlic and herbal taste.
  • Crackers are a source of essential nutrients such as iron, folate, magnesium, and niacin. These are also a source of vitamin E.


The herb and garlic vegan crackers come in a box weighing 1.79 pounds.

One pack costs $29.12 or $1.02 per ounce.

Bottom Line

The Dare Crackers are a healthy alternative when searching for vegan-friendly snacks to enjoy.

Pair them with your favorite dip when putting out a spread.

The crispy nature topped with herbal and garlic flavoring is satisfying to all.

4. Blue Diamond Nut-Thin Crackers


The Blue Diamond Nut-Thin Crackers are a delight for vegans to enjoy.

These tasty, crispy snacks pair well with delicious and healthy dips.

The manufacturer makes them with real almonds, which come in a box that meets set safety standards.


  • These healthy crackers contain no trans fats or saturated fat. They’re also cholesterol-free and contain 1 gm of dietary fiber.
  • There are 3 gms of protein per serving of vegan crackers. They also contain nutrients like sodium, potassium, and calcium.
  • Each serving of these vegan-friendly crackers contains rice flour, safflower oil, real almond flour, and potato starch. There is also natural flavoring, including milk in the crackers.
  • These are certified kosher crackers with a hint of sea salt. They pack the perfect crunch and are a healthy alternative for the whole family.
  • A pack contains 19 crackers that add up to 113 calories. There’s only 2 g of fat per serving of vegan crackers, and they are perfect for a restrictive diet.


A pack of Blue Diamond Nut-Thin Crackers $3.38 at Wal-Mart.

A case of 12 boxes of healthy crackers costs $38.28 at the Blue Diamond Store.

Bottom Line

These low-calorie crackers are a perfect snack for folks on a restrictive low-carb diet.

These are vegan-friendly, gluten-free crackers made using natural ingredients.

A pack has 19 crackers that you can divide up to have healthy snack options all day.

5. Triscuit Thin Whole Grain Wheat Vegan Crackers


Triscuit Thin Whole Grain Wheat Vegan Crackers are 100% wheat snacks.

These are perfect for people who prefer a kosher diet and come in a zesty jalapeno flavor.

One box of Triscuit vegan crackers weighs 7.1 ounce


  • The Triscuit whole grain wheat vegan crackers have a zesty and spicy flavor. These are thin and texture-rich healthy snacks that hold toppings well.
  • These crackers contain a cheesy flavor and are a thin triangle shape. They’re made using 100% whole wheat flour and baked rather than fried.
  • The Triscuit crackers are non-GMO certified Project verified vegan snacks. They don’t contain any artificial colorings, additives, or flavorings.
  • These are perfect snacks to carry while traveling or as a lunch meal. They pair well with cheesy toppings or flavorful vegan dips.
  • One serving or pack from Triscuit contains 15 crackers. These are equivalent to 130 calories. The serving contains 6% fat, no cholesterol, and 3 gms of fiber.
  • The pack comes sealed and has an extensive shelf-life.


A pack of Triscuit crackers equals one serving. Each serving costs $26.85.

This is the price for the Zesty Jalapeno flavor.

Bottom Line

These Triscuit vegan crackers are lighter and thinner but not too fragile.

They can hold toppings well and store easily after you open the pack.

The zesty and spicy jalapeno taste makes the crackers flavorful.

Each cracker is a triangle shape and a healthier option for folks on a restrictive diet.

6. Wheat Thins Original Whole Grain Crackers


Wheat Thins Original crackers are a 100% whole grain snack in a family-size pack.

These whole wheat vegan crackers have a tasty and nutty flavor.

The crackers come in a box, and each serving weighs 16 ounces.


  • The whole wheat grain vegan crackers are baked. These are healthy and rich snacks for the whole family.
  • Wheat Thins vegan crackers are flat and square-shaped. The best way to eat them is by topping them with healthy foods or dipping them in a nutritious dip.
  • These vegan crackers have a crunchy texture and pair well with cheese. They’re made using high-quality ingredients, making them delicious.
  • Ingredients for the vegan crackers include canola oil, sea salt, whole grain wheat flour, corn starch, sugar, and malt syrup from barley and corn.
  • These are gluten-free, vegan crackers. A pack has 16 crackers and contains 140 calories per serving. There are 0 saturated fats and 3 gm protein.


A pack of Wheat Thins Original Whole Grain Crackers costs $4.53.

It’s possible to order a carton with 6 packs on it on Amazon.

The 6 packs are in different ounces so check before placing an order.

Bottom Line

These healthy vegan crackers have fiber and are perfect for the whole family.

These suit folks on special diets that require more restrictive eating and snacking habits.

They help with boosting energy and pair well with different toppings or dips.

7. 365 by Whole Food Market Crackers


The 365 by Whole Food Market vegan crackers are tasty and have a simple ingredient list.

These gluten-free crackers are healthy and a good addition to a restrictive diet.

They have a woven wheat design, are thin, and hold toppings well.


  • These are dairy-free vegan crackers made using whole wheat and salt. Folks with a wheat allergy need to note the ingredients.
  • One serving of the vegan crackers is 30g and contains 110 calories. The total fat content is 0.5g, and there are no saturated or transfats on these crackers.
  • The crackers are cholesterol-free and have 3g of fiber and 24g of carbohydrates. The protein content is 3g, and the healthy crackers have no added sugar.
  • Whole Food Market crackers suit a kosher and whole food diet. Folks following a vegan and vegetarian diet can eat them.
  • These vegan crackers have a buttery flavor and a flat rectangular shape. The crackers are packed in sleeves, making it easy to decant the entire box.
  • The pack contains non-GMO-certified vegan crackers.


A box of 365 Whole Food Market vegan crackers weighs 16 ounces. It costs $6.25 on Amazon.

Bottom Line

The texture of these vegan crackers is firmer and crispier, which is great at preventing crumbling.

These crackers have a lovely buttery taste and aren’t too salty.

There’s a hint of sweetness, but the manufacturer doesn’t add sugar to the ingredients.

Plus, the short list of ingredients works best for folks with food allergens or sensitivity.

8. Mary’s Gone Super Seed Crackers


Mary’s Gone Super Seed vegan crackers are a great option for people who want a plant-based snack.

One pack weighs 5.5 ounces and contains numerous healthy ingredients.

These are flavorful and delicious crackers that pair well with different toppings.


  • The vegan crackers contain various healthy ingredients. This includes sesame, garlic, flax seed, onion, sunflower seed, poppy seed, pumpkin seed, and quinoa.
  • There’s a total of 5g of plant-based protein per serving. These are gluten-free and organic vegan crackers.
  • The vegan crackers are certified organic by the International Certification Services Inc, 2019. They’re gluten-free, certified by the Gluten Intolerance Group, 2019, and Verified non-GMO by the non-GMO Project.
  • These crackers suit a kosher diet (Kosher Certification Service) but contain trace amounts of soy. One serving or pack contains 12 vegan crackers with 3g of fiber.
  • There’s 220 mg of sodium, 7g of fat, and 18g of carbs per serving. The entire pack of 12 crackers is 150 calories.
  • The vegan crackers contain 1g of saturated fat, 0 trans fats, and 0 cholesterol.
  • Flavors include rosemary, garlic and onion, jalapeno, seaweed, black sesame, and classic.


One pack of 12 crackers costs $4.26. It’s possible to order 1 carton containing 6 boxes of vegan crackers at $34.90.

Bottom Line

These are flavor and seed-rich crackers with all sorts of pleasant ingredients.

All the ingredients are organic, and no additives, flavorings, or colors are in the crackers.

These are perfect for folks following a restrictive gluten-free and kosher diet.

The firm crackers hold toppings well and are good to eat plain.

9. Doctor in the Kitchen Organic Crackers


Doctor in the Kitchen Organic vegan crackers contain a cinnamon and currant flavor.

These are crispy and crunchy crackers you can enjoy with dip, topping, or alone.

They meet set standards for healthy snacks when on a restricting diet.


  • These are gluten-free, vegan crackers made using low-carb organic ingredients. There’s a total of 5g of carbohydrates only per serving.
  • These are non-GMO crackers verified by the non-GMO Project and USDA-certified organic healthy snacks. The flax seeds are organic and have started the germination process.
  • The crackers are rich in Omega 3 and contain 5g of protein. There’s a total of 8g of fiber per serving and organic spices to add flavor.
  • Healthy vegan crackers are suitable for a kosher, Keto, or low-carb diet. They contain organic cinnamon and organic Lucuma powder.
  • The currant and flax seed flackers usually dehydrate at low temps. This helps to preserve their nutritional value and gives them the crispy texture


1 pack of vegan crackers costs $4.38 on Amazon.

Bottom Line

These thick and crunchy crackers are a good addition to a low-carb, gluten-free diet.

These are low-sugar snacks that also consist of no trans fats or cholesterol.

10. Crunchmaster Gluten-Free Crackers


When you buy the Crunchmaster gluten-free, vegan crackers, enjoy a sea salt flavor.

1 pack of crackers weighs 3.54 ounces and contains crispy, firm, and healthy mini crackers.

These healthy snacks are baked and not fried.


  • The vegan crackers contain 5g of protein and 16g of whole grain per serving. These are vegan crackers with a sea salt flavor and no artificial flavorings.
  • Crunchmaster is plant-based crackers made using non-GMO grown rice and sesame seeds. These are certified gluten-free snacks with a pleasant crunch.
  • The vegan crackers are cholesterol-free with 3g fiber and 21g carbs.
  • These are dairy-free crackers, and you get 23 mini crackers per serving.
  • The healthy snacks are saturated-fat-free and cholesterol-free.


A pack of mini crackers costs $3.00 on Amazon. You can also order 1 carton containing 12 packs for $48.51.

Bottom Line

The Crunchmaster Gluten-free crackers are mini snacks you can enjoy when seeking healthy alternatives.

They pack a wonderful crunch and are firm enough not to crumble easily.

The mini crackers are soy-free and a good source of natural fiber.

The sea salt flavoring brings out the whole grain taste of the mini crackers.

Wrap Up

The vegan crackers on this list are a healthy alternative to regular high-calorie snacks.

These are gluten-free and suitable for kosher, low-carb, Keto, and other restrictive diets.

You only need to snack on a plain cracker, add healthy toppings or make a low-calorie dip.

Let us know what you think and be sure to check out all of our other delicious vegan options at bestdarnvegan.com.

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