Help Me Find a Vegan Breakfast Near Me (2023)

June 8, 2022


Before helping you with a vegan breakfast near me, it’s essential to know that veganism is a common eating habit today.

It’s also the fastest-growing food trend because many people are trying to stay healthy to avoid deadly diseases like cancer, diabetes, and heart disease.

In fact, according to Forbes, 95% of grocery stores in the United States sell plant-based meat products.

Also, many vegan restaurants have mushroomed in communities where you can enjoy a delicious vegan feast for breakfast. 

Whether you’re a vegan or not, you can benefit from eating more plant-based food.

That’s why we’ve compiled a list of resources to help you find vegan restaurants near you, so you can enjoy some delicious vegan food without having to drive too far.

Read on.

what is a vegan diet

What is a vegan diet?

The vegan diet is one of the hottest diet topics in the world today because it’s good for health, the environment, and animals.

Vegans don’t eat:

  • Meat
  • Fish
  • Eggs
  • Dairy products, or any foods containing them.

So they eat plant-based foods, such as fruits, vegetables, beans, grains, nuts, and seeds.

But relying on a plant-based diet may put some individuals at a higher risk of nutrient deficiencies, especially if they’re not well planned.

So, a vegan must ensure that their diet contains proteins, iron, calcium, vitamin B12, and Omega 3 fatty acids.

Here is a comprehensive list of resources to help you find vegan restaurants near you:

Vegan food magazines 

Vegan food magazines are among the best resources to research vegan restaurants near you.

They provide members and subscribers with information about the best vegan restaurants in their area, including updates, ideas, resources, and motivation about vegan foods.

They are available in printed and electronic versions, and you can read them while supporting the vegan society.

They also provide 

  • Necessary updates on all their recent vegan news
  • Features on vegan travel, vegan comedy, and vegan activism
  • Information about the number of vegans living near you
  • Health information
  • Vegan recipes
  • New veg products
  • Must read vegan books
  • Global vegan festivals and events
  • Celebrity buzz
  • Vegan weddings
  • Valuable contributions from vegan writers, journalists, recipe developers, illustrators, and photographers
  • Raw foods
  • Senior nutrition
  • Comments from members who are on the vegan diet

Examples of the most popular vegan magazines include The Vegan Society, The Vegan Life Magazine, and The VEGWORLD magazine.

websites and blogs

Vegan websites and blogs

Because of the population’s need for healthy foods, thousands of vegan websites and blogs have popped up on the web.

That means finding information about vegan restaurants and a vegan breakfast near me is more accessible.

These websites and blogs have resourceful articles and blog posts written by experienced vegan bloggers.

They share insightful vegan information, including the best vegan restaurants in your area.

The good thing about blogs is that they come with a comments section where readers can engage with the blog post.

These readers are vegans or those who want to start a vegan lifestyle.

So, you can ask for the best vegan breakfast near me in the comments, and you’ll get useful recommendations.

Top-ranking vegan websites and blogs include,,, The Curious Chickpea, Your Daily Vegan, and Pick Up Limes.

Travel apps for vegans

Travel apps for vegans are great resources for finding vegan restaurants near you.

Travel apps for vegans were created because many hotels, restaurants, and other food outlets don’t cater to vegans.

So it makes it difficult for them to travel and find their favorite vegan foods when they reach their destinations.

These vegan apps show menus of popular vegan restaurants and fast foods near you.

They also show vegan menus with specific ingredients if you have allergies.

The apps are updated regularly with newer menu options to explore.

The best part about these vegan apps is that you can download the complete database of vegan restaurants and fast foods on your mobile device.

This makes it easier to access the data when you don’t have an internet connection.

They also come with reviews and ratings from other vegans, helping you make informed decisions.

Besides vegan restaurants and fast foods, the apps show vegan bakeries and other vegan-friendly stores. In addition, the apps allow you to search for vegan restaurants in different countries worldwide.

The best travel app for vegans includes Vegan Xpress, VegVisits, and Air Vegan.

Google My Business

This is the most popular review site in terms of traffic and relevance.

Vegan restaurant owners know that Google is the most popular search engine, attracting more than 5.7 billion searches daily.

So, they list their restaurants on it to be easily discovered by potential customers.

Vegan restaurants with the best reviews and ratings get the most interest.

So, the owners ensure that their establishments offer the best food and service.

The good thing is that you can list your restaurants on Google My Business for free.

You can easily find a good restaurant that offers vegan breakfast near me with this review site.

Google Local Search

Google is the most popular search engine in the world.

Businesses know this; that’s why they place their ads on it. Google Search is the most common way people search for products and services on the search engine.

But with the increase in the number of people searching for products and services near their location, Google introduced the ”local search” feature.

That means when you search for a restaurant using Google, restaurant ads near your location appear on top of your search results.

The ads show the restaurant’s location, contact details, reviews, and hours of operation.

So, for example, if you’re looking for a good vegan restaurant near you to have breakfast, just type the keyword (vegan breakfast near me) in the Google search box, and a list of local vegan restaurants will appear on your search results.

This is the easiest and most convenient way to find vegan restaurants near you.

family and friends

Recommendations from family and friends

Family and friends can be a great way to find restaurants that offer vegan breakfast near me.

One of your friends or family members could be a vegan and might have eaten locally in a vegan restaurant.

So they can recommend the place to you.

They can also recommend the best vegan dish on the menu.

The good thing about friends and family recommendations is that it is genuine.

Family and friends want the best for you.

So they’ll recommend the best spot.

They could also have friends who are vegans, and they could recommend a nice vegan restaurant to you.

Attend vegan festivals and events near you

Vegans organize festivals and events around the world to celebrate and promote veganism.

They also do so to connect individuals and organizations that promote veganism.

The events consist of stalls displaying vegan foods and drinks that people can try.

Some stalls also display cruelty-free beauty products, cleaning utensils, and fashion.

Many of the attendees have dined in the local vegan restaurants, so in the course of interacting with them, you can ask for recommendations.

You’ll be surprised to find good vegan restaurants that offer vegan breakfast near me.

Social media

Social media is a great platform to find vegan restaurants near you.

The best social media platform to find vegan restaurants near you is Facebook.

That’s because it has Facebook groups dedicated to vegans.

Search vegan groups using the ”Facebook search button,” and a list of popular vegan groups will appear.

Join them and interact with members.

Then, post a question about the best vegan restaurants in your area.

You’ll be surprised at how many recommendations you’ll get.

With many vegan establishments advertising their services on social through ads, you can stumble across an excellent vegan restaurant that offers vegan breakfast near me.


Are you vegan and looking for a vegan restaurant that offers vegan breakfast near me?

Well, look no further.

This comprehensive guide offers you everything you need to know about finding vegan restaurants.

Many have used these resources to find their favorite vegan restaurants and explore the wonders of vegan cuisine.

From the best vegan restaurants and vegan cities to vegan food trends, we have everything you need to make your vegan dining experience pleasant.

So, what are you waiting for?

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