7 Best Vegan Grill Patties for the Barbecue (2023)

June 22, 2022


Do you crave a tasty burger, but you don’t want to have anything with meat in it?

Well, prepare your taste buds for the experience of a lifetime.

There are some excellent choices available when it comes to vegan grill patties.

Some of the best vegan patties you can enjoy are Beyond Burger vegan patties, Impossible Burger vegan patties, and Good Catch vegan patties.

A common theme among these vegan patties is that they have a high protein content, are meat-free, and are simply delicious.

Read on and get to know different vegan burgers you can enjoy.

All vegan burger varieties come out well when you grill or pan fry them.

What are the Best Vegan Grill Patties for Barbecue?

1. Beyond Burger


Beyond burger is a meat-free patty that you can enjoy anytime.

It has a similar taste to the traditional burger, and you can even create its well-known smoky scent.

Also, the similarities don’t end there, for this patty even tastes similar thanks to some fantastic seasoning.


  • It’s a burger patty made from healthy plants.
  • The vegan grill patty contains 19 grams of plant protein
  • Beyond Burger patty is made in the UK
  • The patty is free from nuts, soya and peanuts
  • It’s a gluten-free and kosher patty
  • These patties contain healthy oils such as coconut and rapeseed
  • The taste is spot-on compared to the traditional burger
  • Each patty cooks the same as a traditional burger


Buy two plant patties for $3.75. These total 226 grams of plant-based burger patties.

Bottom Line

Beyond Burger patties are spot-on when it comes to looks and tastes.

If you want to enjoy having a plant-based burger that looks and tastes like the original, look no further.

The patties ooze juices, and you can add some bbq sauce.

2. Impossible Burger


Satisfy your beef burger cravings by biting into this delicious plant-based vegan grill patty.

The Impossible Burger patties tick every box when you want to enjoy a healthy meat alternative.

It’s easy to grill the patty, and you get a convenient resealable pouch when you buy some.


  • One Impossible Burger patty contains 19 grams of plant protein
  • This product contains no antibiotics or animal hormones
  • There’s a total of 14 grams of fat in each vegan grill patty
  • It’s possible to grill or pan-fry the patties
  • Taste is more plant than beef
  • It’s a filling patty that you can enjoy as a burger
  • Impossible Burger patties have an excellent taste
  • The patties don’t lose size when cooking


Buy Impossible Burger patties for $196.55 for a pack of 32. There’s an alternative pack of 40 patties that sells for $190.10.

Bottom Line

If you picture satisfying your beef burger cravings but want to steer clear of beef, the Impossible Burger patties are the best. These plant-based patties are right on track in taste and fair well with bbq sauce. You’re guaranteed the product contains no animal hormones.

3. Good Catch


The Good Catch is salmon-based plant patties that help you move beyond the traditional beef.

In this burger, you can enjoy a healthy alternative with the best parts of salmon.

But, you guessed it, there’s no actual fish in this vegan grill patty.


  • These patties are made 100% in the US
  • Each patty offers a mild salmon-like taste
  • Enjoy 100% plant-based patties
  • One patty has a total of 16 grams of protein
  • It’s an easy to prepare plant patty
  • You won’t have to deal with a fishy smell after cooking
  • The meatless burger has a flaky seafood texture
  • One pack has 2 patties in it


One pack of Good Catch with 2 vegan grill patties retails for $5.99. The box has a total of 227 grams.

Bottom Line

The Good Catch beef-alternative patties have a salmon-like taste that’s a new experience.

It’s still a 100% plant-based patty, but with the flaky texture that you enjoy from seafood.

These patties are easy to cook, and you can top them up with some bbq sauce.

4. Waitrose & Partners Chili Halloumi Burgers


Get ready for the ride of your life when you bite into the Waitrose & Partners Chili Halloumi Veggie Burgers.

Right from the time you drop them in a pan or grill, you get a blast of spicy-sweet aroma.

The Halloumi adds a salty experience to the patties that provides the best balance.


  • The meatless burgers are a healthy and tasty vegetarian option
  • There are loads of spicy flavor in each patty
  • Each pack has some creamy and cool halloumi slices
  • These meatless burgers cook similar to traditional burgers turning brown
  • Each patty contains 2.90 grams of sugar and 2.88 grams of salt
  • One patty has a total of 21.9 grams of protein
  • Halloumi cheese slices are made from dairy milk


Pay $5.31 for a pack of Waitrose & Partners Chili Halloumi that has 2 patties. This is a total of 250 grams.

Bottom Line

These are spicy patties that bring the heat to your burger.

As a healthy vegetarian alternative, ensure you check the ingredients since Halloumi is made using dairy milk.

Still, cooking the patties is easy since you can grill or pan-fry.

5. Hungry Planet


Hungry Planet beef patties are an excellent vegetarian alternative to enjoy.

These taste like lean beef but are 100% plant-based patties.

While there’s no beef protein in them, each patty does contain some soy protein.


  • One patty contains an impressive 22 grams of protein
  • These are healthy lean plant-based patties
  • The patties contain soy protein
  • There are 4 grams of fat in each patty
  • One pack comes with 4 Hungry Planet patties
  • There’s no saturated fat or cholesterol in this food item
  • These are non-GMO patties
  • The Hungry Planet patties contain natural flavoring


A pack of 24 Hungry Planet patties costs $89.99.

Bottom Line

These are healthier alternatives that you can enjoy based on the ingredients.

They contain a high protein content of 22 grams and are delicious.

These veggie burgers check each box when you need a healthy meal with few calories.

6. GOSH! Beetroot Burgers


Yes, you read that right, Gosh Patties.

These are beetroot burgers containing carrots, kale and a pinch of mint.

It’s worth noting that each vegan grill patty is that perfect pink that’s common with traditional meat burger patties.


  • These are gluten-free patties
  • The patties are free of milk and eggs
  • Each patty has a total of 6.9 grams of protein
  • This is a vegan-friendly food item
  • One vegan grill patty has a total of 6.3 grams of fat
  • One pack has 2 vegan grill patties in it
  • The patties are low in saturated fat
  • One patty has a total of 7.8 grams of fiber


One pack of these beetroot burgers contains 2 patties and retails for $3.37.

Bottom Line

These are delicious vegan-friendly patties that are free from eggs and milk.

The patties are filling and contain healthy ingredients, including quinoa and chickpea.

These are ideal for a low-calorie plant-based diet.

7. Gardein Ultimate Black Bean Burger


Black beans still work their magic when creating a nutritious meal.

You can enjoy a black bean vegan burger full of nutritious legumes.

They have black beans, ancho, avocado, serrano peppers, cauliflower, and jalapeno.


  • It’s a plant only veggie burger patty
  • The black bean burger is certified vegan
  • This black bean burger patty is soy and vegan-free
  • Each black bean burger patty comes packed with 9 grams of protein
  • The patty is thick and filling once grilled or pan-fried
  • Each patty is seasoned for flavor


A pack of the black bean burger carries 2 patties. It costs $70.11.

Bottom Line

The Gardein Black Bean burger is full of healthy legumes and vegetables.

Adding the jalapeno and peppers makes it flavorful.

Though pricey for only 2 patties, each is thick and can make a filling burger at home.

Wrap Up

Vegan grill patties are an alternative for vegans and vegetarians.

The patties are good for the grill or pan-frying.

They’re packed with healthy vegetables and legumes to create a healthy and beneficial alternative to meat.

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