The 7 Best Vegan Café Spots in Paris 2023

June 16, 2023


Everyone dreams of having a delicious local dish while gazing out towards the Eiffel Tower in Paris, and if you are vegan, you have plenty of amazing options when in this romantic city.

Paris is one of the leading cities when it comes to top-quality dishes, award-winning chefs, and cuisine that the world drools over, so if there was anywhere in the world to try out a vegan café, then Paris is just the city for you.

Foodies, sit back and take note because here are our 7 Best Vegan Café Spots in Paris, you need to visit, but first here is a quick look at our editor’s Top 3 choices.

What are the best vegan café spots in Paris in 2022?

1 – Le Potager du Marais

2 – Wild & The Moon – Charlot

3 – Bodhi Vegan

1 – Le Potager du Marais


Well, if you are looking for some classic French cuisine made 100 % vegan, then this is the place to stop by.

No trip to Paris is complete without trying some of the local delicacies, and if you are vegan, you should not miss out.

We love Le Portage du Marais because they offer classic options, but there are many more reasons to love them.


  • They partner with Organic Farms and Fair-Trade food sources, so you can feel good about the food you are eating.
  • Their eclectic French-themed menu, has some awesome French classics as well as some modern delicacies, sweet treats, and hot and cold vegan drinks to choose from.
  • They are not only well known for their food (they book up in advance) but their service is excellent, which is why it always has a full capacity.
  • They believe that everything is ‘veganizable’, so no matter what you want to try in Paris, you will find it here made fully vegan – think Bourguignon or Crème brûlée!

Prices: Please note that all prices are in Euros

For Paris prices, this vegan café has got it right, with many dishes being inexpensive, diverse, and full of quality and flavor.

You can expect to pay around € 8.50 for a vegan dessert, € 18 for the main course, and € 6 for a homemade fresh juice.

Find all of their delicious vegan options and prices here.

Bottom Line:

This is ideally suited to those not just looking for vegan food, but to try local Parisian and French dishes, which are all made vegan – an experience you need to have.

2 – Wild & The Moon – Charlot


With a host of Parisian locations to choose from, you will never be too far from delicious vegan food, which is ideal for any time of the day, even for a snack on the go or a reenergizing superfood smoothie.

This super trendy vegan café has so much going for it, that it has made out Top 2 for a reason, and here is why.


  • The quality of their food and drinks is second to none, and you can be assured that whatever you order and consume, is full of great nutritional value.
  • There is a mix of cuisines on the menu, so it is ideal for groups with different tastes, all the while being wholly vegan.
  • Their products are 100% plant-based, organic, vegan, no plastic, gluten-free and so much more, meaning you get all the benefits without the bad.
  • They have large stocked fridges full of smoothies, cold press juices, salads, bowls, and desserts, making it ideal for on the go.

Prices: Please note that all prices are in Euros

While their prices are a little on the high side, you are paying for great quality products, so if this is of importance to you when looking for the best food to buy, then Wild & The Moon is for you.

Their full price list is here.

Bottom Line:

This is an ideal place to stop and buy some delicious, clean food that is well thought out.

If you need a nutritional or energy boost, their food options will do just that.

3 – Bodhi Vegan


Bodhi Vegan is the place to go if you are craving delicious vegan Southeast Asian cuisine, which is bursting with flavor and full of the best ingredients.

While their menu uses terms such as beef/fish/chicken, all of their ‘meats’ are 100% vegetable-based and all dishes are made fresh to order.

Here are a few reasons to give Bodhi Vegan a try, when in Paris.


  • Their meatless concept comes from the Buddhist culture, which excludes the consumption of animals, and whose diets generally involve imitation meats.
  • They are open every day for lunch and dinner, except on Sundays, which means you can enjoy a hearty Asian meal most days of the week, whenever your cravings hit.
  • Their diverse and extensive menu includes options such as vegan shrimp, Vietnamese ravioli, and Lacquered ‘duck’, to name but a few, so it’s ideal for groups with varied tastes.
  • Their portions are big, and due to the wholesome ingredients, the meals are very fulfilling and satisfying, which is probably why locals love this spot.

Prices: Please note that all prices are in Euros

The prices here are inexpensive considering the portions, the diversity of the menu, and the quality of the meals, and you can expect to pay between €5 – €8 for an entrée, €9.50 for the main course, and €5.50 for a dessert, which is very fair for a vegan café in Paris.

Here is their full menu and price list.

Bottom Line:

Bodhi Vegan makes a fantastic option if you are looking for hearty Southeast Asian food served in large portions at great prices, and is one of the must-try vegan café spots in Paris.

4 – Sweet Rawmance


For fantastic vegan dishes and sweet delectable desserts, it is worth making your way to Sweet Rawmance, which is known for using the best ingredients to create scrumptious products.

They have an admirable philosophy that takes many factors into account, as well as provides a warm and welcoming service, which makes them a popular vegan café.

Here are a few reasons why we recommend them.


  • They are focused on avoiding waste, so they order exactly what they need each day, to save on valuable fruit and vegetables, which will not be used.
  • Their food presentation is incredible, with bold colors and a variety of well-prepared ingredients, which will truly make your mouth water.
  • They have a varied menu of hearty meals such as burgers and raw plates, as well as salads, savory crepes, and soups.
  • They pride themselves on their beliefs that you can take good care of your body, through the gifts that nature has provided us, such as delicious ingredients, flavors, and scents.

Prices: Please note that all prices are in Euros

You can expect to pay between €14 – €16 for a vegan burger, €12 for a raw plate, and €14 for a veggie bowl, which is fair as Parisian prices go.

Their food is wholesome and full of great ingredients, so you are getting what you pay for here at Sweet Rawmance.

Find their full menu and prices here.

Bottom Line:

This is an ideal option for delicious healthy food, in a place that will truly make you smile.

We just love that they care so much about their ingredients, the environment, and animals, that this is a place to support when looking for a vegan café in Paris.

5 – Hank Vegan Burger


We know that there will be times when you are craving some yummy vegan fast food, and that is where Hank Vegan Burger comes in.

This vegan café in Paris is a perfect stop-off for the typical food you might crave, and it is open 365 days a year.

Here is what makes this fast-food joint stand out.


  • They have a large range of mouthwatering burgers, sides, and snacks to choose from, so no matter what you are craving, you will find it here – made vegan.
  • This is not just a place for savory meals but think of Hanks as an ideal stop-off for a yummy vegan milkshake or vegan dessert, any time of the day.
  • Hanks stands for Have A Nice Karma, which we just love and it means that they work hard to make food that is completely vegan, nourishing, and super tasty.
  • Their buns are handmade in Paris, their vegetables are fresh daily from local producers and their burgers are made right before your eyes, ensuring incredible freshness.

Prices: Please note that all prices are in Euros

The prices here are great for what you get, which is a super tasty burger, crunch fries or wedges, fresh milkshakes and so much more made on the spot.

You will pay between €9 – €12 for a burger and €3.50 for a side, although they have combos to choose from too. Find their menu and prices here.

Bottom Line:

We cannot recommend this vegan fast-food joint in Paris enough, with a range of classic burgers, sides, and shakes, all made 100% vegan and with freshly sourced ingredients – plus the prices are just great.

6 – Soya


This beautifully decorated vegan café in Paris is a popular spot for vegan, organic fusion dishes, which will catch everyone’s attention.

You will find a mix of cuisines here, which makes it perfect for friends with different tastes, who are looking for wholesome vegan food.

Here are some reasons why Soya is a great choice for a vegan café in Paris.


  • Thir menu features curries, sushi, lasagna, mezze platters, and salads, which cater to those who love to try new things each time.
  • We need to mention their assortment of desserts which include macarons, carrot cake, and a range of delicious cookies.
  • The cozy ethnic vibe of this vegan café makes you feel comfortable, welcomed, and welcomed, which is something we can all appreciate – vibes are everything!
  • Their seasonal meals are served in big portions, so you won’t go hungry when visiting Soya, plus you always know that what you eating is what nature intended.

Prices: Please note that all prices are in Euros

Entries start at 5, while main dishes range between €17 – €20, which is to be expected for a vegan café in Paris.

Their desserts range from €3 – €10, and a glass of organic natural wine will cost around €6 on average.

Find the full prices here.

Bottom Line:

We recommend this vegan café for people who are craving a variety of cuisines, seasonal meals as well as organic wines and deserts, making it ideal for lunch or dinner.

7 – Végét’Halles


This predominantly vegan café has a range of vegan food options, which cannot be overlooked.

They have everything you can imagine from vegan burgers to vegan pates and even an eclectic range of vegan main dishes to choose from.

There are many things to love about Végét’Halles, and here are just a few.


  • All their food is homemade, while their wine list is comprised of some great Vegan beverages which are great accompaniments to any meal.
  • This place is so popular for a reason, that a reservation is required, and customers come back time and time again for their friendly service and diverse menu options.
  • This is a fantastic option if you want to try local French food, without sacrificing flavor or taste.
  • They have great specials at lunch and special three-course dinner options, which are very much welcomed in the heart of Paris.

Prices: Please note that all prices are in Euros

You can find all of their prices here.

Bottom Line:

Given that there are mostly vegan options as well as gluten-free options and vegetarian options, this makes for a great dining choice for people who have different requirements.

The prices here are fair, which makes it very family-friendly, and budget-friendly too.

frequently asked questionsFrequently Asked Questions

  1. What constitutes a café as a vegan café spot?

A café is deemed a vegan café spot if it offers a significant range of menu items that are entirely free of animal-derived products, including meat, dairy, eggs, and honey. Some of these cafés might exclusively serve vegan food, while others could be omnivore cafés with a substantial selection of vegan choices. This article features cafés in Paris that offer a good range of delicious vegan options.

  1. Do these vegan café spots in Paris serve traditional French cuisine?

Yes, many of the vegan cafés included in this list offer veganized versions of classic French dishes, such as vegan croissants or quiche. However, the variety isn’t limited to French cuisine, and you can expect to find a wide array of international dishes on the menus too.

  1. Can non-vegans also enjoy these vegan café spots in Paris?

Absolutely! While these cafés cater to vegans, they are also great spots for vegetarians, flexitarians, or anyone looking to explore plant-based cuisine. The dishes served at these cafés are flavorful and diverse, making them a culinary adventure for anyone, regardless of dietary preferences.

  1. Are these vegan cafés in Paris located in central, tourist-friendly areas?

Yes, the vegan café spots listed in this article are located in different parts of Paris, including some popular, central districts known for their tourist attractions, shopping, or art scenes. This way, you can easily incorporate a visit to these cafés into your itinerary, whether you’re sightseeing, shopping, or exploring the local culture.

  1. Do these vegan cafés in Paris offer gluten-free options?

While every café is unique, many vegan spots are often aware of other dietary restrictions such as gluten intolerance. It’s likely that a few of the listed cafés offer gluten-free dishes. However, if you have a severe intolerance or celiac disease, it’s always best to contact the café beforehand to verify their ability to accommodate your needs.

Final Thoughts

So, whether you are cravings some raw food, authentic French food, or even fast food, all of which is made 100% vegan, Paris has some of the best vegan cafes to choose from.

Be sure to check out all of the other great worldwide vegan cafe’s right here at!

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