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7 Best Vegan Cafe spots in London 2023

London is renowned for having some of the best eateries in the world, so whatever your dietary choices, you are guaranteed to find a range of delicious options there, and vegan cafes are no exception.

Not only are these awesome vegan cafes in London delivering excellent service, top-quality food, and a range of meal options, but many of them even host events and have unique quirks that make them so popular with locals and visitors.

So, if your vegan appetite is calling, then you should consider satisfying your cravings at one of these delectable eateries in London town.

What are the Best Vegan Cafe Spots in London?

Before we delve right in with these inspiring vegan cafes, here is a teaser with our editors’ Top 3 favorites.

1- 222 Vegan Cuisine

2- Café Van Gogh

3- Unity Diner.

1- 222 Vegan Cuisine


If you are in the mood for healthy vegan versions of your favorite dishes or are after generous portions of all the good stuff and more, then this is the place for you.

These guys are providing fresh and local ingredients that are fully vegan and their whole approach is eco-conscious, which makes them even more of a winner in our eyes.

There are a bunch of things to admire about 222 Vegan Cuisine, and here are some of our highlights.


  • Their food is low salt, low fat, non-GMO and organic.
  • Their cooking techniques are as healthy as can be, with no use of microwaves or frying in sight.
  • Their eclectic menu means that you can have a very different experience at this vegan café during each visit, with Asian options, classic British dishes as well as fresh salads.
  • Their alcohol is organic, meaning you can have a healthy glass of wine or glass of beer, at any given time, without all the bad stuff.

Pricing: Please note that pricing is in British Pounds (£).

Considering their hearty meals are of a generous size, the prices here are on average for London, and you do get bang for your buck (or pound in this case) at 222 Vegan Cuisine.

An organic lager will set you back £4.50, while a glass of organic wine will cost £5.50. Find more prices here.

Bottom Line:

This vegan café offers breakfast lunch and dinner, generous-sized meals, and costs are in a medium range. It is ideally suited to anyone looking for a hearty meal with fresh ingredients, paired with some organic beverages, in a cozy setting.

2- Café Van Gogh


This vegan café is a fantastic not-for-profit setup, with a relaxing environment, an admirable mission, as well as their aspiration to be zero waste.

The ideas and way of life here at Café Van Gogh are truly inspirational, not to mention the dishes that they have are super tasty.

So, if you were wondering why they have made it to our list, let us tell you more.


  • They recycle all of their food waste, with it being composted rather than dumped in the nearest landfill, while their take-away containers are fully compostable too.
  • They have an awesome ‘Pay it forward’ mission, which allows customers to buy a drink, which can be claimed by someone at a later date, who may not be in a good financial position.
  • Their food is innovative and delicious and will convert even the ‘V curious’ in a heartbeat, while their menu changes regularly meaning you get to try a range of different food options.
  • Their entire menu is vegan so you don’t need to worry about picking and choosing what to eat, the range is endless – which can be a great thing, but also means you may need to return again and again to try more.

Pricing: Please note that pricing is in British Pounds (£).

The prices here at Café Van Gogh are reasonable and varied, depending on what you order, with desserts starting at £3.50 and a vegan cheeseboard costing £12.

You can find their full menu options and price list here.

Bottom Line:

This is an incredibly inspiring and admirable vegan café in London, which is loved by many, for great reason.

Their food is great, their ethos is outstanding and their way of life is truly positive, making it a wonderful place to support.

3- Unity Diner


What can we say?

This vegan café in London ticks all the boxes, and there are a few main reasons why we have chosen to add it to our list.

If you are looking for really tasty food, a great vibe, and a perfect mix between vegan café and cocktail bar, then this is the one to try out.

Let us show you why these guys have made the cut.


  • Their not-for-profit approach ensures that they are fully compassionate towards animal welfare, and the community and provide an excellent experience, rather than being money focused.
  • Their meals are tasty enough to convert even the biggest carnivore, with options such as vegan shrimp, fish burgers, and wings.
  • They are fully sustainable, from their staff uniforms to the takeaway containers they use.
  • They are dog friendly, which is something that makes us smile, especially the fact that they even provide vegan dog treats to their canine customers.
  • Their payment system is paperless and they are even certified ‘Vegan Founded’.

Pricing: Please note that pricing is in British Pounds (£).

With small plates starting at £3.50 and mains costing between £11 –£13.50, this is a great affordable place to get some delicious grub at fantastic prices.

You can find a full menu of their prices here.

Bottom Line:

This is a great vegan café in London to support, not only for their mouthwatering dishes but for their outlook, ethos, and philosophy. When it comes to ticking the boxes, Unity Diner, has gotten it just right.

4- Black Cat Cafe


This independent business stands out from the crowd as being a popular vegan café in London, which supports local causes, and serves fresh vegan meals and locally roasted coffee, but there is so much more to Black Cat Café than this.

Here is why we just love this vegan hotspot.


  • They have an onsite bookshop which is ideal for anyone looking to browse vegan cookery books, political literature, and more.
  • Every Tuesday they host events, which can have a range of positive themes from animal rights to feminine film festivals.
  • They have the perfect balance between comfort food and healthy food, so no matter what your cravings are you will find them here.
  • Their vibes are quirky meets cozy, with a variety of unique vegan snacks, and retro German drinks as well as rotating and experimenting with different meal options and ingredients, resulting in an ever-changing menu.

Pricing: Please note that pricing is in British Pounds (£).

With milkshakes costing 3, burgers and sandwiches ranging between £6.50 – £8.50, and a large salad priced at £6.50, this is a place where you will certainly get your money’s worth.

Their food is hearty and filling, so you will be satisfied quickly here, at a relatively low cost.

Check out their menu options here.

Bottom Line:

This is a fantastic option for those seeking a vegan café with a bohemian feel, relaxed atmosphere, delicious food, and a great concept right in the heart of London.

5- Kin


For a vegan café in London that is dynamic, sources locally sustainable ingredients, mouthwatering dishes, and some top-notch coffee, then this is one not to be overlooked.

There are a few things that stand out when it comes to Kin, and it is no surprise it is one of the best vegan cafes in London.

Here is why we love it.


  • Their location close to Oxford Street (the main shopping street in London), makes it an ideal place to pop into for some healthy grub when out and about in town.
  • Their approach is to show the world how exciting vegan food can be, which makes it a perfect place for those starting a vegan lifestyle or those who are just curious about what vegans eat.
  • Their ‘All Day’ menu features some gorgeous vegan options to keep you going throughout the day such as shakshuka, vegan pancakes, and the vegan burrito, to name but a few.
  • They have an extensive drinks menu, making it ideal for casual drinks with friends after a scrumptious meal, with options such as a range of cocktails, beer, wine, and ciders.

Pricing: Please note that pricing is in British Pounds (£).

With all-day food options starting from £5.50, smoothies costing £6.50, and a popular acai bowl costing £11, this is a place that has something to suit everyone’s budget.

Find their entire menu with prices here.

Bottom Line:

This place is ideal for some relatively inexpensive food, a mix of dishes, and a great overall concept. It is perfect for the ‘V curious’, non-vegans and vegans alike.

6- Wave


The cool concept of this vegan café in London, means that you can enjoy some yummy vegan food with friends in a vacation-style environment – and who doesn’t want to feel like they are on vacation?

This little vegan oasis is a haven for those looking to relax, and eat simple and fresh food while enjoying the little things in life.

Here is why we love Wave.


  • Their minimalist design and space make it a super comfortable and welcoming environment for a casual coffee or a friendly brunch.
  • They have a seasonal menu, ensuring the food is quality, local, and oh so fresh, which Is what we all look for when nourishing our bodies, plus the changing menu is welcomed by all.
  • They have an onsite bakery that features freshly baked vegan goods such as banana bread and blueberry muffins, perfect for a healthy treat or on-the-go snack.
  • Their low prices make it a great place for everyone to stop by whether it is for a smoothie, a sit-down meal, or a baked good.

Pricing: Please note that pricing is in British Pounds (£).

Here you can expect to find a range of options at varied prices, making it affordable for most.

For healthy vegan food, we believe you get what you pay for at Wave, with a single espresso costing just £1.50, a smoothie bowl costing £8.50 and a save the salmon bagel costing £6.50.

Find more prices here.

Bottom Line:

For seasonal meals, delicious options a seriously cozy and casual environment as well as inexpensive prices, Wave is a vegan café in London that can not be missed out on.

7- Vantra Vegan


Why choose Vantra vegan when in London?

Well, besides serving up some tasting colorful and flavorsome meals, they are also known to be one of the best vegan takeaways in town, making it easier than ever to eat well on the go.

Here is what makes Vantra vegan great.


  • Their simple and cozy basement setting is an oasis of calm =, a far cry from the busy London streets.
  • Their food is fully vegan, gluten-free, sugar-free, and steamed instead of cooked, ensuring you are getting the full health benefits.
  • They are known for their incredible pay-by-weight buffet which is a hidden gem in London and provides some great vegan options besides the usual you will find around the city.
  • Their inexpensive prices, make it a great option for anyone looking to eat great food without breaking the bank.

Pricing: Please note that pricing is in British Pounds (£).

This relatively inexpensive eatery is a perfect choice for raw, healthy food, at a low cost, and their pay-by-weight buffet is also a fantastic choice.

You can expect to pay 12.90 for a large dish, 6.50 for a dessert, and 6.50 for a smoothie. Here are the full prices.

Bottom Line:

This vegan café is suited to vegans looking for something different and those who are curious to see how good raw and steamed food can taste.

Final Thoughts

There are many vegan dining options throughout London depending on where you’ll be visiting so rest assured you will not have a problem finding a table while you’re in town.

If you’re planning to tour and visit any other cities throughout Europe, be sure to browse through our “Best Picks” review articles right here at:


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