Going Vegan: The Benefits of Plant-Based Foods

Going Vegan: The Benefits of Plant-Based Foods

It's 2023, and not only is the term vegan widely recognized, but more and more people are switching to this healthier lifestyle.

With plenty of delicious plant-based foods available throughout stores, from food vendors, restaurants, and specialty health food stores, there has never been a better time to become vegan.

Gone are the days when the vegan in the group had to order a plain salad in a restaurant while the rest of their friends enjoyed hearty meals; in fact, now the range of vegan options has widely expanded to include such delicacies as vegan pulled pork, gourmet vegan burgers and hearty vegan breakfast options.

Of course, vegans may still enjoy ordering a salad once in a while, but with this incredible variety, it's not the only choice – and that is a fantastic thing to be excited about.

What are the top reasons for going vegan? Why take the leap?

Contrary to popular belief, going vegan does not entail solely eating lettuce leaves, carrots, and hummus; However, these are great ingredients for vegan recipes; many plant-based foods have made veganism much more accessible to many people who may have once been 'v curious.' Take your local supermarket, for instance. Many stores have a dedicated section for vegan options on the shelves, in the fridge, and in the freezer.

When you see someone's eyes light up when discovering this, you know they have entered a food paradise.

With that being said, it's not enough just to recognize the words' plant-based foods, it is vital to understand just why they are so important in our daily lives, and that is what we will delve into right here.

You may be curious why some people have decided to take the leap and venture towards a healthier plant-based lifestyle, or perhaps this is you already, but whatever the reason, we are here to remind you of the significant benefits of going vegan in the first place.

Veganism is nothing new; the term vegan has been around since the 1940s, and before this, it was a way of life for many cultures and societies worldwide.

If you didn't already know, studies have shown that many mummified Egyptians lived a vegetarian lifestyle, while in Hinduism and Buddhism, vegetarianism has been encouraged for centuries.

There are differences, of course, between being vegetarian and being vegan. Today we will list the top reasons why many people choose to omit all animal products from their diet – there must be a good reason, right?

Here are the top reasons people choose to go vegan

  • The welfare of animals
  • The environmental factors
  • The health benefits (don't worry, we have a lot to talk about regarding this point)
  • Weight management
  • Mental clarity
  • More energy, less lethargy
  • Encourages more conscious eating habits
  • It allows you to be creative with recipes and nutrition
  • Because it's the future!

Now that we know why many people go vegan – and there are plenty more where they came from, it's time to check out the benefits of plant-based foods and why going vegan and consuming more of these ingredients and products in your diet is so rewarding.

What are plant-based foods? - The lowdown

It's one thing to start with a list of plant-based foods, but that is assuming everyone knows what is meant by the term plant-based foods in the first place. So, let's start by introducing this term, whether you are familiar with it or not.

This term describes food that comes primarily from plants, but it doesn't stop here. When people think of plant-based foods, they assume that all foods must be based solely around fruit and vegetables, but this term also includes nuts, seeds, oils, legumes, and of course, beans, which makes the variety much more extensive than you might think.

Remember how we mentioned that the predominant vegan option on many restaurant menus once upon a time was a plain salad?

Well, now that many eateries have adapted to serving plant-based options and recognize that many delicious meals can be made using the abundance of whole ingredients, the range of meals has evolved beyond our imagination.

Vegan food is much more diverse than once assumed, and it is fantastic to see world-renowned chefs creating mouthwatering specialties that vegans can be excited about.

Let's face it; this is a massive motivation for more people to take the leap. Who wants to eat a plain salad every day for the rest of their lives?

Now it is not uncommon to see plant-based foods listed on menus in the form of vegan sushi, vegan mac n cheese, vegan ratatouille, and even vegan bar snacks like cauliflower bites, vegan shrimp (yes, really!), or vegan seitan wings.

Plant-based food options have evolved so much that many non-vegans order them as a healthy yet delicious option – but this has some excellent benefits.

Let's talk about the benefits of vegan plant-based foods!

The benefits of vegan plant-based food – What's the point?

So, now that we know what kind of incredible options are available worldwide these days, what is the incentive to them?

Plant-based diets are those that omit dairy and animal-derived products in exchange for a variety of whole foods derived from plants, nuts, seeds, etc.

Here is our list of the top benefits of vegan plant-based foods:

  • There is an overall lower intake of saturated fats
  • This is one of the most consistent diets which can significantly reduce your risk of cancer
  • Plants help to REDUCE inflammation which is how the majority of illnesses and diseases start; thus, by combatting inflammation in the body, you can, in turn, protect your body from attack
  • Your immune system is being fully supported, which, as we know, is the key to fighting off any potential imbalances in the body, which can turn into more severe health issues
  • Phytochemicals and antioxidants are present in plant foods, which help to neutralize the toxins in the body and prevent damaged cells from reproducing.
  • Phytochemicals also have a range of benefits like regulating your hormones and preventing DNA damage, and repairing damaged DNA
  • Higher intakes of a variety of fruit, vegetables, and healthy fats have a significant impact on overall skin health
  • Research has shown that a high intake of plant-based foods leads to a lower risk of coronary artery disease, stroke, and heart disease
  • Unprocessed plant-based foods are rich in fiber, which most processed foods lack, so increasing your intake of these whole foods will significantly impact your gut health and overall digestion.
  • Maintaining a healthy weight is one of the key benefits of increasing your intake of plant-based foods since excess weight increases your risk of cancer and disease.
  • As well as the endless list of fantastic health benefits, following a vegan plant-based diet ensures you are doing the best for the environment and animal welfare. It helps reduce the number of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, which can combat climate change.
  • One of the top benefits and one of the reasons many people opt for a plant-based lifestyle is the welfare of animals. But unfortunately, an animal-based diet promotes animal suffering, factory farming, and inhumane handling, which only worsens the demand for meat.
  • Raising billions of animals yearly harms the environment, not only because of the gases but because of the amount of water used to keep this practice going. Steering towards a plant-based diet removes this pressure from the earth's resources and allows us to live healthier lives.
  • Eating a whole variety of plant-based foods will ensure you are benefitting from an abundance of vitamins, minerals, oils, and other essential nutrients that the body needs to work at its best.
  • Another of the best benefits of plant-based foods is the increased energy and lack of feeling sluggish after a meal, a common problem after heavy and hearty animal-based meals.
  • Conscious eating is one of the top results of following a vegan diet since you become more in tune with your food, your preparation, and even the history of the food you buy. You become conscious of every bite you take and how it got to your plate, which is an incredibly positive habit to form – and an act of gratitude.


Following a vegan plant-based diet, full of various fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and all of the great foods we have listed previously, has a host of benefits which you may not have realized before.

From health benefits to environmental and animal welfare, the reasons to opt for these healthier options are endless, which is one of the main reasons that there are almost 10 million vegans in the United States alone – and this number is on the rise.

With trends such as 'Meat Free Mondays' and 'Veganuary' becoming increasingly popular, it is evident that many people can already see and feel the benefits, leading to more people choosing a plant-based diet permanently.

So, what is holding you back from living your best vegan life?

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