7 Best Vegan Cafe Spots in Los Angeles 2024

7 Best Vegan Cafe Spots in Los Angeles 2024

Los Angeles has always been one step ahead when it comes to healthy food, vegan spots, and pretty much any kind of diet you can think of, which makes it a prime city for catering to your dietary needs.

While there are plenty of vegan restaurants around L.A, we will be focusing on some laid-back vegan cafes which are ideal for any occasion.

So, if you follow a vegan lifestyle, you will want to keep these 7 best vegan café spots in Los Angeles on your list, because these places are truly in a class of their own.

Here's a little taster of our Top 3

1. Sage Plant-Based Bistro

2. Café Gratitude

3. Flore Vegan

    What are the best vegan café spots in Los Angeles?

    We are excited to show you the best vegan spots which are a must-try in Los Angeles, and here is a look at what we will delve into a little further on.

    Quick Comments

    1- Sage Plant-Based Bistro & Brewery – For a farm-to-table meal as well as delicious sage brews.

    2- Café Gratitude – For a café with a great philosophy, meal plans, and various locations.

    3- Flore Vegan – For an extensive vegan menu with some hearty classics in a super cozy neighborhood setting. 

    4- Real Food Daily - For ‘real food daily’, just as they promote, featuring a comfortable open space to enjoy your meal.

    5- Green Table Café - A bright, cosmopolitan café that has a variety of vegan meals, treats, and beverages, not to mention it is an Italian-themed vegan café.

    6- Wild Living Foods – A popular colorful vegan café focusing on raw food but also serving some fantastic vegan ice cream and delicious juices.

    7- The Grain Café - A no-frills option for healthy and affordable take-out and dine-in snacks and meals.

    Sage Plant-Based Bistro & Brewery

    1- Sage Plant-Based Bistro & Brewery


    This vegan chillout spot is an ideal place to sip on a sage brew, indulge in some delectable vegan desserts, or enjoy a hearty vegan meal, making it one of the best vegan café spots in Los Angeles. Here is why we love it:


    • There are multiple locations across the region, meaning you are never too far from a vibey place to eat and hang out.
    • Their signature dish is the cauliflower wings, and who doesn’t love these? We believe this is one of the top reasons customers keep returning!
    • For a specialized Los Angeles eatery, their prices are right on point, allowing you to eat healthy without breaking the bank.
    • They use organic, pesticide-free ingredients, sourced from local farmers, ensuring the food you get is farm fresh.



    You can expect to pay $9 for a raw cheesecake slice, $19 for gluten-free sweet potato pancakes, and $35 for a liter of sangria at Sage Plant-Based Bistro, but be sure to refer to their price list for more.

    Bottom Line: This is the perfect place for casual drinks, affordable yet super fresh and healthy lunch, or a takeaway smoothie.

    Café Gratitude

    2- Café Gratitude


    One of the best vegan café spots in Los Angeles 2022 has to be Café Gratitude, which focuses on clean eating and plant-based nutrition, plus its core values are something to be admired.

    Highlights: Some of the reasons we love this spot include:

    • They follow eight core values that make them stand out from the crowd, which include love, sacred commerce, freshness, and acceptance.
    • The sleek and innovative design of this vegan eatery is so inviting, that you could easily stay here for hours sipping on an almond milk latte.
    • They have multiple locations in Venice Beach, Newport Beach, and San Diego, to name but a few, encouraging you to try out some fantastic food, wherever you find yourself.
    • They offer incredible meal plans, which they prepare in their kitchen and deliver to your door.



    A pizza will cost between $18.50 - $20.50, while other mains range between $18-$20. The prices here are moderate, but you certainly get what you pay for. Here is the full price list.

    Bottom Line: This vegan café spot in Los Angeles should be considered if you value quality food, plus the design and layout here are something to marvel at.

    Flore Vegan 

    3- Flore Vegan


    This homey plant-based kitchen is a neighborhood favorite, offering gluten-free options as well as an extensive vegan menu, for those looking for hearty and fresh plates.

    Highlights: Let us unveil the reasons why Flore is a fantastic choice

    • The sheer presence of their food, leaves you wanting more, from the ultra-colorful ingredients and drizzled sauces to the sliced fresh fruit.
    • You can find a wide range of vegan plates on their eclectic menus such as salads, smoothies, quesadillas, sandwiches, and hearty breakfasts, making it an ideal place for people with different tastes to dine out.
    • Their portions are substantial, considering the reasonable prices they promote, plus they have gift card options allowing you to give a loved one the gift of awesome food.
    • Renowned for their vegan ‘chicken and waffles, this has to be one of the best reasons to try this place out.



    The prices here are quite average, and you can expect to pay between $14 - $16 for a sandwich/burger, and even less for tacos, quesadillas, or burritos. We have linked their price list here to see more.

    Bottom Line: This is a fantastic place for vegans and non-vegans to try out some delectable plant-based dishes, which will be sure to convince you that vegan food is pretty great. There are a host of classic meals which non-vegans can try out, all of which will most likely blow you away, or better still, convert you to veganism.

    Real Food Daily

    4- Real Food Daily


    As the name suggests, one of the best vegan café spots in Los Angeles offers real food daily, and we are excited to tell you more about this vibrant health-conscious café, which has been on the go since 1993.

    Highlights: There are many reasons to visit Real Food Daily, and here are the highlights;

    • With locations in Pasadena, LAX, and West Hollywood, you will never be too far from an organic, creative, and well-balanced meal.
    • They have an extensive menu, wine list, and some unique options which encourage you to come back time and again to try each item - don’t miss the cheeseburger rolls!
    • These guys even offer a catering service, so if you are having a wedding, work event, or even a birthday party and this is one of your favorite eateries, why not bring their food to the party?
    • Their VIP program, ensures you have access to secret menus, discounts, and exclusive offers, which is what we love.



    Starters here will range between $5 - $12, while a burger will cost $17 and a sandwich costs $16. For an in-depth look at their prices, check this out. Prices may vary for other locations.

    Bottom Line: This is a much-loved plant-based café in Los Angeles, is ideal if you want great quality food at great prices, along with fantastic service which is second to none, something which their repeat customers truly appreciate.

    Green Table Café

    5- Green Table Café


    This vegan Italian-themed café, is truly in a league of its own, especially with the food and experience they offer its customers. There are many things to love about Green Table Café and we are excited to share what we love about this vegan café in Los Angeles.

    Highlights: Here are just some awesome incentives to visit Green Table Café

    • This was the first-ever plant-based Italian café to be established in Los Angeles, so if you are looking for something authentic, creative, and with some flair, then this is it.
    • Their menu is guaranteed vegan, non-GMO, and gluten-free, which gives you peace of mind if you are looking to tick these boxes.
    • Their colorful menu is to die for, featuring only the best hand-picked ingredients, bought from local farmers in California.
    • It is run by a couple who are both holistic nutritionists, with a passion for healthy, well-balanced food that does not lack all the essential components, they both work together in the kitchen to create healthy dishes which stand by their lifestyle – we love this aspect of Green Table Café.



    The prices here are outstanding when you consider what you get for your money. With fresh ingredients and carefully prepared and thought-out meals in a unique establishment, this is certainly value for money. Check out the full price list here.

    Bottom Line: This is the perfect spot if you are keen to try a vegan café with a difference, are a fan of Italian food, or are looking for food that is fresh, healthy, and made with love.

    Wild Living Foods

    6- Wild Living Foods


    This is the place where vegans will be satisfied and non-vegans will be completely surprised. Here you will find raw, organic meals with a focus on living foods meaning none of their food is cooked over 118 degrees. This is a place like no other, so let's delve into the key facts.

    Highlights: Some of the main highlights of Wild Living Foods are

    • Raw foods are their specialty, so if you are looking to feed your body some of the best-prepared food there is, this is a great place to start.
    • Their eclectic menu includes vegan sushi, a variety of all-day breakfast options, small plates as well as burgers and pasta – there is something for everyone.
    • They have a market that sells a variety of products such as sweet and savory snacks, oils, and butter as well as merchandise.
    • Their range of cold-pressed juices and smoothies is impressive, making Wild Living Foods an ideal choice for a super raw and healthy on-the-go beverage.



    Breakfast at this vegan café will cost between $12 - $14, while you can expect to pay $15 - $20 for sushi and around $14 for a fruit smoothie. Their extensive menu and price list can be found here.

    Bottom Line: This is the spot to consider if you are keen to learn more about the concept of raw food, get some ideas and try out a few raw vegan meals, which are lovingly created here.

    The Grain Cafe

    7- The Grain Cafe


    This super-affordable vegan spot in Los Angeles offers a no-frills takeaway or dine-in option, allowing you to get your hands on fresh, fast, and healthy food on the go.

    Highlights: Some of the reasons this is a hot spot in L. A are

    • Their menu is full of simple, classic dishes like pizza, burritos, wraps, and crepes, which makes it super easy to choose what you want.
    • They are well known for their pizza, which is made using only the highest quality ingredients, and you will find some modern versions of classic favorites here.
    • It is quick and easy to order online, so if you are on the go, you can still opt to eat healthy food without having to go out of your way. Dine-in and takeaway are available.
    • The casual space for dining in is ideal for any chilled-out meet-up.



    Prices are relatively reasonable here at The Grain Café, and to see the full menu, check this out.

    Bottom Line: The Grain Café offers convenience and affordability offering the usual staples such as pizza, organic sandwiches, and hearty snacks, which makes it a top vegan spot in L.A.

    A wrap up of the 7 best vegan café spots in Los Angeles 

    There is no doubt that Los Angeles has something for everyone, and who would have thought that so many varieties of vegan cafés would exist in one city?

    So, whether you are curious about raw food, are looking for a quick and convenient takeaway option, or are keen to try out an Italian-themed vegan café, then you will be sure to find the right vegan café for you on this list.

    Whatever you choose, be sure to enjoy every last bite, and you can thank us later.

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