7 Best Vegan Cafe Spots in Miami 2024

7 Best Vegan Cafe Spots in Miami 2024

Veganism, also commonly referred to as a plant-based diet, is one of the top health trends these days for many reasons, but that does not mean you have to miss out on some of your favorite dishes.

You will be blown away by some of the menu items listed at these health-conscious eateries based in Miami, and we are here to inspire you to try them out.

What we love most about these top vegan cafes, is that each of them offers something truly unique, which makes them stand out, but the only way to capture this, is to visit them.

So, if you are wondering which of these much-loved eateries have made the Top 3 list, then take a look below for a small preview.

1. Love Life Cafe

2. Planta South Beach

3. Pura Vida South of Fifth

Quick Comments:

An overview of:

1: Love Life Cafe - The vegan cafe with the award-winning burger.

2: Planta South Beach - A higher-end cafe with inspiring values.

3: Pura Vida South Beach - The surfer-themed vegan cafe near the beach.

4: Full Bloom Vegan - A European-style vegan cafe/restaurant.

5: Plant Miami - Featuring farm to chef ingredients.

6: The Cocinita Kitchen - South American-inspired vegan food.

7: Delicious Raw Kitchen - A cafe with natural, raw options. 

So, where are the best vegan cafe spots in Miami?

Let us give you an overview of these food havens, that is not to be missed.

Love Life Cafe

1. Love Life Cafe

Not only do the owners of Love Life Cafe, run this awesome health focussed vegan cafe, but they live the lifestyle wholeheartedly, making this place one of the best places to feel at home, eat great food, and know that a lot of love is put into every dish. You will find a real mix of mouthwatering menu options here, but there is one in particular that stands out… So, let us tell you why we can't get enough of Lve Life Cafe.

  • Their elegant menu features a varied selection which is ideal for groups who have different tastes.
  • They serve a fantastic plant-based burger that was once awarded ‘Best Veggie Burger in America’. - do not miss this one!
  • If Latin food is your weakness, you will have many vegan options on the menu, and given that one of the owners is Brazilian, you just know it was created from experience.
  • Their admirable philosophy focuses on ‘social responsibility, ensuring they are taking care of their community, environment, and of course animal welfare.


The Price Tag $

The menu at Love Life Cafe, is very reasonably priced, encouraging everyone with a wish to eat healthy, to indulge in their delicious dishes. You can see more of the prices here.

Suited to: For those looking to support an inspiring cafe, eat healthy without breaking the bank and try some truly authentic Latin American inspired food, among the rest. 

Planta South Beach

2. Planta South Beach

First and foremost, can we just talk about the building and the location? This place is truly stunning, and if you are looking for a vegan cafe with flare, inspiring values, and with a host of other locations to choose from, then this is the place to add to your vegan bucket list. But there's more to Planta than just these facts, let us tell you why we love this place.

  • With locations in Florida, New York, Toronto, and upcoming branches set to open in California as well as Chicago, you will have endless opportunities to try out Planta.
  • This is your one-stop-shop for the ultimate vegan sushi, something which stands out as being a big draw for customers.
  • Their drinks menu is ultra-cool, with options such as the mango wheat ale, the non-alcoholic Picante punch, and the kombucha mojito.
  • They are ‘locally’ focussed, meaning they source ingredients locally, aim to be a welcoming local spot, hire local employees, and give back to their local community. We love this!


The Price Tag $

You can expect to pay between $16 - $18 for a large salad, $19.95 for the Planta burger, and between $15 - $16 for a cocktail, which is the norm for South Beach, Miami. To see their full prices, check this out.

Suited to: Those looking for a more high-end vegan cafe, with the option to try some quirky beverages and plant-based sushi, any time of the day.

Pura Vida South Beach

3. Pura Vida South Beach

Despite having a host of other locations, this is their ‘OG’ or the original hotspot for vegan food. Just a couple of blocks from the beach, this is a popular spot with surfers and beachgoers, looking to sit in the sun, soak up the atmosphere, and sip on some cold-pressed juices. But, there is so much more to this cafe, such as:

  • Their signature all-day breakfast menu, which features some morning classics, is guaranteed to set you up for the day.
  • This is an ideal place to grab a smoothie and vegan sweet treat to go, as well as a sit-down meal - and there is even free delivery when ordering online!
  • They are true with the times, and have created their app, which makes it so much easier to place an order and spy on the menu before you arrive - everyone loves time-saving and convenience, right?
  • They have a whole host of environmentally friendly surfer gear, clothing, coffee, and other merch available at their stores, so you can bring home a feel-good souvenir.


The Price Tag $

While an all-day breakfast item will cost between $10.95 - $14.95, you can expect to pay from $9.95 for one of their signature smoothies.

Suited to: Perfectly suited to those looking for a casual dining option, the opportunity to take away healthy snacks and drinks or sip on a fresh coffee, whilst people watching, all without the hefty price tag.

Full Bloom Vegan

4: Full Bloom Vegan

This unique vegan eatery, borders between a European-style cafe and a cozy restaurant, but we couldn't add it to our list of vegan cafes in Miami, due to its welcoming terrace and relaxed and easygoing vibes. This is not your typical vegan eatery, so let us tell you what makes Full Bloom so special.

  • They serve both lunch and dinner in an ultra chill setting, meaning you can pay a visit no matter what time of day, or occasion.
  • Their food is hearty, wholesome and 100% vegan, and groups with a variety of tastes will be sure to find something they love here.
  • They have an extensive drinks menu, perfect for a glass of wine after a day of shopping, or casual weekend drinks with friends.
  • This place has proven to be a hit with vegans and those trying vegan food for the first time, so it is ideal for everyone looking to try something new, given that their menu has some classic dishes made meat and dairy-free.


The Price Tag $

Dishes here are reasonably priced with mains (dinner menu) costing between $20 - $25 and mains (lunch menu) costing between $14 - $18, while cocktails cost $15 each.

Suited to: Full Bloom is ideal for those who fancy hearty meals during lunch or dinner time, drinks with friends on the terrace, or a slightly more restaurant-style vegan experience in Miami.

Plant Miami

5: Plant Miami

Featuring farm-to-chef ingredients which are always locally sourced, Plant Miami is truly focused on nourishment, using only the best quality components. With great service, a welcoming and friendly environment, and a menu that will challenge your decision-making skills, this is a vegan cafe in Miami to watch out for. Here is why we recommend it:

  • Their vegan, as well as kosher dishes, are inspired by the landscape of South Florida.
  • Plant Miami, offers customers the chance to indulge in their organic food from the Plant Market, which is held on Sundays between 9 am - 4 pm.
  • Not only do they grow their ingredients at their very own farm known as Paradise Farms, but they also offer seasonable boxes which are available to purchase on a first come first served basis, ensuring the food is super fresh.
  • Their menu is so diverse and innovative, with items such as burgers, noodle dishes, flatbreads, Indian-inspired dishes as well as a host of yummy desserts to choose from.


The Price Tag $

While the prices at Plant Miami are a little on the higher end of the scale, you can expect to receive quality dishes, with a difference. Prices for mains vary between $25 - $31, while the small plates will cost between $16 - $22.

Suited to: Plant Miami, is best suited to those willing to spend a little bit more when it comes to great quality food, as well as those looking for an upper scale eating experience, with a focus on fantastic healthy food.

The Cocinita Miami

6: The Cocinita Miami

For extremely affordable, healthy food in Miami, The Cocinita Miami, has to be considered. With some firm favorites such as tacos, burgers, classic breakfasts as well as health food bowls, there is something for everyone here, but that's not all.

  • Specializing in vegan South American dishes, this is a fantastic place to try many dishes which would normally contain meat.
  • The Cocinita Miami has made healthy food accessible for any budget, which is something that keeps customers returning over and over again.
  • Apart from their delicious food, the service with a smile is something that people love when ordering from here, and we all know how much of a difference this makes.
  • It is an ideal place to go any time of day, to grab a healthy snack, to enjoy a wholesome meal, or to share a host of dishes with friends.


The Price Tag $

The menu at The Cocinita Miami is very well priced, making it affordable for people to eat healthy, without having to take a loan from the bank. We all know that vegan food has become a trend, as these days hefty price tags come with the gourmet food on offer, but not here. That is why we love it!

Suited to: Those looking for a casual meal or takeaway snack at a low price, as well as those with an interest in seeing what vegan South American food is all about.

Delicious Raw Kitchen & Juice Bar

7: Delicious Raw Kitchen & Juice Bar

With multiple locations all over Florida, there is no excuse not to experience their laid back vibe, delicious juices, and super healthy raw dishes that are on offer, but wait there's more:

  • Their ever-evolving menu aims to stay on trend with modern vegan cuisine, so with multiple visits here, you may find a few new dishes to try.
  • Their signature raw shots are a game-changer, and they include a variety of nourishing ingredients to kickstart your body, increase energy levels, and truly nourish you. - best in the mornings!
  • With branches in Naples, South Beach, Davie, and another branch upcoming in Miami, Delicious Raw Kitchen are here to stay.
  • The vibe here is relaxing, peaceful and some would even say ‘zen’, which goes hand in hand with the natural food they serve up, which makes it an ideal spot to eat well and de-stress from a busy lifestyle.


The Price Tag $

You can expect to pay around $16 for a burger, $13.25 for a breakfast sandwich, and $9 for a raw juice, which is pretty good value if you ask us. The food here is always so fresh and tasty, that you get what you pay for - which is quality and of course freshness.

Suited to: Those looking for a peaceful location to relax and enjoy good, healthy food, with raw vegan options available and service with a smile.


If healthy food is your priority, you won't find any difficulty finding a place that suits you in Miami, whether it be a high-end cafe, an affordable eatery, or somewhere you can kickstart your day with an acai bowl/raw shot.

So, be sure to add these popular vegan cafes to your list.

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