10 Best Vegan Cereal Options to Start Your Day

10 Best Vegan Cereal Options to Start Your Day

Years back, before many people decided to lead a vegan lifestyle, vegan food was not that easy to find, and something that you'd imagine as simple as sourcing a vegan cereal to start your day off, proved difficult and expensive.

These days, thanks to veganism being on-trend, and more and more people opting to do the right thing by themselves, animals, and their environment, it had become easier than ever to find your everyday meals and even beloved classic dishes made vegan – and affordable.

If you are looking for some inspiration on the best vegan cereal to get you off to the best start each morning, or perhaps you are a novice vegan, who is still getting to know what is and isn't vegan-friendly, then this is for you.

Here are our Editor's Top 3 choices:

1. Natures Path Crunchy Maple

2. Bobs Red Mill Muesli

3. Cascadian Farm Fruit O’s

    Now, let us guide you to energizing your body the right way, with our 10 favorite vegan kinds of cereal.

    So, what are the best vegan cereal options to start your day?

    Quick Comments

    1: Natures Path – Sunrise Crunchy Maple – A high-quality vegan, gluten-free cereal with mixed textures.

    2: Bobs Red Mill Old Country Style Muesli – A super tasty Swiss-style Muesli that comes in a variety of flavors.

    3: Cascadian Farm Fruitful O’s - A fantastic natural alternative to fruit loops, ideal for kids or kids at heart.

    4: Kind Healthy Grains – For a vegan cereal option with wholesome ingredients to keep you full for longer.

    5: Kashi Go – Peanut Butter Crunch – An environmentally focused cereal brand, that is vegan and comes in three delicious flavors.

    6: Natures Path – Rhino Rolls – A naturally sweet vegan cereal for both kids and adults with a sweet tooth.

    7: Barbaras Puffins Original Cereal – An ideal healthy vegan choice for kids.

    8: One degree – Ancient Maize Flakes – A family owned business with fully traceable products.

    9: Organic Weetabix Wholegrain Cereal – This blast from the past has now come back organic, vegan, and healthier than ever.

    10: Living Intentions Organic Superfood Cereal – A raw, superfood-packed cereal, with a few flavors to choose from.


     Natures Path – Sunrise Crunchy Maple

    1. Natures Path – Sunrise Crunchy Maple

    Overview: Not only do vegans love this cereal but it is just filled with all the goodness that a healthy body and mind needs, so why choose anything else? Here are some of the reasons Natures Path is a great vegan choice.


    • A mix of flakes, puffs, and crunchy bits for great texture.
    • It's not only vegan but it's also gluten-free and non-GMO.
    • It is fully organic and contains 14g of whole grains as well as 4g of fiber.

    Pricing: While this is not the most inexpensive vegan cereal option, it is great quality and full of the best ingredients, plus you receive 10% off with a valid subscription.


    Bottom Line: This is ideally suited to those who are vegan but also want a gluten-free and organic cereal, which is of great quality.

    Bobs Red Mill Old Country Style Muesli

    2. Bobs Red Mill Old Country Style Muesli

    Overview: This delicious country-style muesli is inspired by Europe and because it can be eaten in a variety of ways, you can almost have a new cereal every day. Here is why we just love Bob's Red Mill Old Country Style Muesli.


    • Can be eaten hot or cold, or as overnight Swiss oats soaked in the refrigerator.
    • Its whole grain certified, vegan and non-GMO
    • There are a variety of flavors such as this classic version, tropical, Paleo-style, Fruit and Seed, and a Gluten-Free option too.



    While an 18 oz bag costs $6.19, you can also opt for 40 oz for $59/a case of 4 (18 oz) for $22.19/case of 4 (40 oz) for $41.59/25 lb. bag for $79.79

    Bottom Line: This variety is ideal for those looking for a cereal that can be eaten in a few different ways while being affordable and super tasty. Find more about their prices here.

    Cascadian Farm Fruitful O’s

    3. Cascadian Farm Fruitful O’s

    Overview: This organic, naturally flavored vegan cereal option is a fantastic alternative to the classic fruit loops, giving you more nutrients, and more energy and providing you with everything you need to start your day, without the sugar crash. This is why Fruitful O’s has made our list.


    • This cereal is ultra-nostalgic, bringing back a classic breakfast made healthier.
    • This corn and oat cereal provides 10g of whole grain.
    • Using all-natural flavors, to give you that same classic taste.



    As you can see, Fruitful O’s are $5.99 per10.2 oz package, which can vary from store to store. Check out more prices here.

    Bottom Line: These are perfect for any vegan looking to get a taste of their childhood, with these naturally flavored fruit loop alternatives, as well as being the ideal choice for vegan children, who will love these.

    Kind Healthy Grains

    4: Kind Healthy Grains

    Overview: This fulfilling vegan cereal option is jam-packed with wholesome ingredients, such as buckwheat, oats, millet, quinoa, and amaranth to give you all the nutrients you need, and it comes in a variety of great flavors. Just take a look at these awesome highlights.


    • With flavors such as peanut butter, cinnamon oat, oats, and honey as well as vanilla blueberry, there are many options for breakfast.
    • Not only do they have 0% trans-fat, but they have a great source of protein while being gluten-free and low in sodium.
    • They use 100% whole grains.



    Given that you can get three bags (all are the same price) for $17.98, this makes it a mid-range vegan cereal option. Check out their website for more prices.

    Bottom Line: Kind, not only have a great philosophy, they have created some truly delicious cereals that all vegans can enjoy. Be sure to check the ingredients if you have an allergy to nuts.

    Kashi Go – Peanut Butter Crunch

    5.  Kashi Go – Peanut Butter Crunch

    Overview: With a few different vegan options to choose from, Kashi Go makes it easier than ever to eat healthily and get your nutrients while indulging in some delicious flavors. This is why you will find vegans all over the world raving about it.


    • You can choose chocolate crunch, cinnamon crisp, or peanut butter crunch, all of which are super tasty and vegan friendly.
    • It contains 10g protein and 6g fiber, to keep you nourished and well balanced.
    • They do their bit for the environment by making plant positive choices during the manufacturing process.



    The boxes range between 12.2 oz – 14 oz depending on which flavor and prices start at $3.28 and can be bought in many places around the USA including Target.

    Bottom Line: This is a fantastic vegan cereal brand to support if you care about environmental causes, plus it's super affordable and available in many supermarkets.

    Natures Path Rhino Rolls

    6. Natures Path Rhino Rolls

    Overview: This cinnamon bun inspired breakfast is not just for kids, but for the vegan sweet tooth too. These are much healthier than you might assume, using natural flavors and organic ingredients. Here is why you too should love Rhino Rolls.


    • They are organic, non-GMO, gluten-free, and vegan.
    • It is sprinkled with real vanilla and cinnamon flavors for a sweet, natural flavor as well as having a crunch that never subsides.
    • There are no artificial flavors, preservatives, or colors in this cereal making it a healthier option for children.



    This is a very affordable vegan cereal which can be bought as a single 9.5 oz box or as a 6 or 12 pack, making it even better value. Find out more about the prices here.

    Bottom Line: If you are looking for a healthier option for your kids, or are craving something sweet but healthy for breakfast, then look no further than Rhino Rolls.

    Barbaras Puffins Original Cereal

    7. Barbaras Puffins Original Cereal

    Overview: Barbaras Puffins Original Cereal is one that kids love, but it is also one that parents love, because of all the benefits it has compared to its counterparts. Not only is this cereal ideal for breakfast, but it can be used to create so many awesome recipes, that kids will love too. Here are some more reasons why we just love it.


    • These can be used to make, healthy Puffins peanut butter cups, Puffins apple cinnamon crisps as well as Puffins cinnamon dessert nachos.
    • They are vegan, made with whole grain, and are a great source of fiber.
    • There are a variety of choices from peanut butter, honey rice, and multigrain cereal to choose from, to mix things up.



    There are a variety of stores that sell Barbaras Puffins, and you can also buy them in bulk on Amazon. Check out more prices and store locations near you here.

    Bottom Line: This is an ideal choice as a healthy and affordable vegan option for children, without sacrificing the taste, and with many kinds of cereal, options to choose from.

    One Degree – Ancient Maize Flakes

    8. One Degree – Ancient Maize Flakes

    Overview: For a family-owned brand, that believes in 100% transparency, as well as sharing their vegan family recipes with the world, One Degree is a seriously great contender for vegans' cereals as we know them. Here is what makes them truly unique and inspirational.


    • Their ingredients are sourced from local farmers so you can always know exactly where your food is coming from.
    • They use clean, organic ingredients which have been made using sustainable methods.
    • They test One Degree products in their kitchen before sharing them with the world.



    You can expect to pay around $59.99 for a 6-pack of 10 oz boxes, which are guaranteed to be of the highest quality, organic, vegan, and fully traceable. See more here.

    Bottom Line: This is ideally suited to those looking for food they can trace back to its origins while supporting a family business with a great philosophy.

    Organic Weetabix Wholegrain Cereal

    9. Organic Weetabix Wholegrain Cereal

    Overview: Anyone who loves cereal is well aware of Weetabix, one of the most classic cereals to ever exist, but did you know that it is vegan, and so much more? Let us tell you why we have added it t our vegan cereal list.


    It is made with just four ingredients, meaning you know exactly what you're getting.

    • It is heart-healthy, Non-GMO, USDA Organic, vegan and kosher.
    • It has 32g of whole grain and just 2g of sugar.
    • It is such a perfect base cereal to add a range of fruits, vegan milk, or vegan yogurt to, and can be eaten hot or cold.



    We love this classic cereal because of its taste, its affordability, and its versatility, and it can be bought in many stores around the world, check out the current price here.

    Bottom Line: This is a perfect vegan option for both kids and adults, who can make the cereal their own by adding whatever they want to it. It is also one that many people are familiar with and it can be found everywhere.

    Living Intentions Organic Superfood Cereal

    10. Living Intentions Organic Superfood Cereal

    Overview: The name Living Intentions, says a lot about what they strive to be – and that is to be a superfood cereal that is organic, vegan, and full of nutritional value. This vegan cereal option is a raw, organic choice while being packed with flavor, leaving you energized and fulfilled.


    • Comes in the flavors cacao crunch, blueberry blast, and radiant raspberry, which are just divine.
    • There are multiple uses for this cereal, either with vegan milk, in a smoothie, or sprinkled on vegan yogurt, the varieties go on and on.
    • These cereals are raw, nut-free, vegan, activated, and gluten-free, leaving your body satisfied and energized.



    While these prices may be more mid-range, you certainly get what you pay for, which is 255g of pure superfood organic goodness. Check out this for more prices.

    Bottom Line: This cereal is a good vegan option for those who prefer to eat a clean, raw diet as often as possible, or are focusing on getting more superfoods into their diet.


    So, whether you are searching for a vegan cereal that is raw, nostalgic, a perfect healthy treat for kids, or just to try out, then we hope you’ve gotten some inspiration from these 10 vegan cereal options, which are guaranteed to satisfy, nourish and tackle any cravings you might have.

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